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Cold-formed Sheet Pile

  • Cold-formed Sheet Pile
  • Cold-formed Sheet Pile
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Brand Name︰sinosteels
Country of Origin︰China
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Product Description

Cold-formed Sheet Pile

Cold-formed steel section
Cold-formed steel section is a kind of economically efficient steel, which has several advantages compared with the hot-forming section, such as lighter weight, higher precision, variety of the size, any length, arbitrary shape and so on. Therefore, the cold-formed products of our plant are widely used in the fields of railway, automobile, construction, etc.

We are one of the cold-formed steel section manufacturers in China. Has equipped with several advanced cold-formed steel section production lines, including the PR1200*14.0 big-size production line which was imported from Austria VAI. And produce the 32 types of sheet pilings with U-section, Z- section and W- section whose strip width is less than 1200mm and the thickness is less than 14.0mm. The cold-formed sheet piling is made of the continuous hot rolled plates or coils. And then continuously roll-forming into U-section, Z- section and W- section or any other shapes. These piles could also form the clapboard or continuous sheet pale retaining wall through lock edge and interactive connectivity profile.

According to the cross-section and main usage, the steel sheet pile could be defined as U-section, Z- section and W- section. According to the thickness, the sheet pile could be defined as light cold-formed sheet pile and general type cold-formed sheet pile. The thickness from 4mm to 7mm for light type and the thickness from 8mm to 11.5mm for general type. Larsen U-section steel sheet pile is mainly used in Asia, including China.

The sheet piling is widely used, such as in the permanent construction, such as pier, discharge games dike revetment, parapet walls, breakwater, diversion dike, shipyards and gate, etc; In temporary construction, such as closing, the provisional expansion shore, and cofferdam construction of a bridge, the large temporary pipe laying the retaining ditch excavation, retaining, block sand; And also in fighting against floods, for example, flood control, anti-collapse, and against quicksand, etc.

We could provide all kinds of cold-formed sheet pile according to the requirements of the client, welcome to our factory for inspection and negotiation.

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